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Are you scared to return?

Some semblance of “life before COVID” is beginning to emerge from lockdown in many parts of the world. And that’s got some people...

Introducing: The Mask Generation!

My recent COVID conversations have evolved from “I wonder how the pandemic will impact jobs, church engagement, real estate, the economy,...

Lament your way through Christmas

Lament realizes that we won't always see what we're becoming and what God's doing because we wouldn't have wanted it to happen this way.

When COVID Hits Home

Several months ago, Katie (my wife) tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (commonly known as COVID-19). She self-quarantined in our home,...

What face masks can't protect us from

We might need added precautions— not against COVID-19— but another sinister condition. Some are dangerously susceptible to "Soundstupiditus"

How I Created My 2020 Goals

This is about best things first, then aligning your plans, habits, budget and tasks to that powerful goal. It's called "Aim, Ready, Fire".

Don't waste your "want".

I think the difference between goal-crushing joy and soul-crushing regret all comes down to one factor.

DECEMBER 20: Both/And

Following Jesus doesn’t mean you won’t lose your job, you won’t lose your health, you won’t lose your marriage, you won’t struggle. Still...

DECEMBER 18: All the feels

If asked, “Why don’t you live for fame or power or sex or money or stability?” they would probably say something like, “We just want MORE."