I serve as pastor in Radius Church: a church based in Los Angeles for people convinced church is irrelevant.

A recent message about the vision of Radius and our plan to accomplish it.

I’m a husband, dad, talker, lover of new ideas and purveyor of indiscriminate grace.

I’m not interested in protecting traditions or categories. I’m somewhere between bored and incensed with small thinking and repetition. I do a lot of it, but hopefully less than I used to.

Instead, I give my life to the most progressive idea ever introduced: the Gospel of Jesus. Where it gets really interesting for me is how this incredible news intersects with the ever-evolving motivations of culture. Why do we do and think like we do right now — and given that, why does Jesus still matter at all?

I think the local, Christian church could possibly be the most exciting and innovative place to be, but it requires a little disorientation and provocation from time to time.

If you want to have me speak to you team, board, congregation, retreaters or cousin, contact me. I love sharing anywhere and everywhere.

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