My name is Joseph Barkley.

If you’ve never been to my site before, welcome! This page is designed to give you a clear first impression of who I am, what’s important to me and what I do. It can also give you a sense of how I might serve you, your event or your team. (scroll down)

The basics
I get to be husband to Katie, dad to Tessa and Marlow and demigod to a dog named Magnus. We make our home in Los Angeles, CA.
I serve as pastor in Radius Church: a church based in Los Angeles for people convinced church is irrelevant. See me share our vision and plan here.

I’m a husband, dad,
talker, lover of new ideas
and purveyor of indiscriminate grace.

I give my life to the most progressive idea ever introduced: the Gospel of Jesus. Where it gets really interesting for me is how this incredible news intersects with the ever-evolving motivations of culture. Why do we do and think like we think right now? Given that, why does Jesus still matter at all?

I think the local, Christian church could possibly be the most exciting and innovative place to be, but it requires a little disorientation and provocation from time to time. I feel most comfortable with creatives and in settings where people long to make a difference, stay curious and expect surprises.

For Him, for the city and for you,

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Sunday morning preaching

Some months ago, in the Summer of 2014, I had the privilege of starting a new church to serve the city of Los Angeles with a small group of high-caliber, enthusiastic Jesus lovers determined to create a church for people who’ve either dismissed or never considered faith. We’ve started this work in the Verdugo Valley of LA—an area including Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City, Van Nuys and beyond. It’s a strategic location where many of the career creatives of this world-changing city live and form deep friendships. Our values include intentional diversityinnovation and local-first. After only a few months of hosting small, simple events to share and demonstrate the vision, Radius launched weekly events in February of this year and now gathers over 200 people of diverse ages, races and paradigms.

“I’ve always known Joseph to think thoroughly about where God’s grace intersects with the way people think today. He doesn’t just feel it, he takes bet-the-farm risks to put it into practice in ways that actually work.”
–Mike Foster, strategist, author and founder of People of the Second Chance

“Joseph is the real deal. As a leader, as a pastor, and as a friend. Learn from him, and keep coming back to hear more!”
–Brad Lomenick, founder of BLINC, former president and key visionary of Catalyst, author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership

“Joseph Barkley leader is one of those leaders who simply gets it. He understands culture and trends, as had done an awful lot with his years so far. He’s a leader I respect, read and listen to.”
–Carey Nieuwhof, Author, Blogger, host of The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, Lead Pastor Connexus Church

“I find a great source of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration in Joseph Barkley.  He is a one of those guys that just “gets it” on so many fronts.  Our team loved learning from him. God continues to do incredible movements through his mind, heart, and church.”
–Billy Phenix, Lead Pastor Buckhead Church, Atlanta, GA

I’m dedicated to using words to convey feelings, opportunities and life-changing ideas.
My primary platform is my local church, Radius. I provide the majority of the weekend messages throughout the year.
However, I love speaking in a wide variety of contexts including conferences, panels and team development seminars and will consider all invitations. I also occasionally write for magazines and blogs if I feel I can contribute.

Though I’ve spoken on an assortment of topics and timeless ideas, I’m most frequently sought after on issues of change, cultural discernment and engagement, vocation and local church innovation (more topics below). My approach is expansive—I try with all my might to speak for people from every story in every setting. While I can’t change anyone and I won’t make everyone happy, I can adapt my approach to be understandable so people can consider the principles for themselves.

  MY STRIKE ZONE (topics I passionately geek out about)
LIFE’S WORKjoseph.barkley.31
(calling, vocation, gifts, career)

(endings, beginnings, transition, discernment)

(where God and our moment meet, engaging the “hot buttons”)

(identity, emotionally healthy spirituality, humility, the courage to be yourself)

(Church in the modern age, outward-orienting a faith community)

(sexuality, romance, singleness and marriage)

(rest, Sabbath, balance, trust, calendar, pace, simplicity)