mike foster“I’ve always known Joseph to think thoroughly about where God’s grace intersects with the way people think today. He doesn’t just feel it, he takes bet-the-farm risks to put it into practice in ways that actually work.”
–Mike Foster, strategist, author and founder of People of the Second Chance

brad lomenick“Joseph is the real deal. As a leader, as a pastor, and as a friend. Learn from him, and keep coming back to hear more!”
–Brad Lomenick, founder of BLINC, former president and key visionary of Catalyst, author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership

carey nieuwhof“Joseph Barkley leader is one of those leaders who simply gets it. He understands culture and trends, and has done an awful lot with his years so far. He’s a leader I respect, read and listen to.”
–Carey Nieuwhof, Author, Blogger, host of The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, Lead Pastor Connexus Church

billy phenix“I find a great source of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration in Joseph Barkley.  He is a one of those guys that just “gets it” on so many fronts.  Our team loved learning from him. God continues to do incredible movements through his mind, heart, and church.”
–Billy Phenix, Lead Pastor Buckhead Church, Atlanta, GA

“Joseph is a leader I believe in and trust.  I have him watched him walk through the mess of ministry leadership while not losing his joy or humility.  I trust his thinking, his integrity, his faith, his love for the church, and his love for those who don’t know Christ.”
– Tom Hughes, Co-lead Pastor Christian Assembly Church, Los Angeles, CA; Author of Curious: The Unexpected Power of the Question-led Life


Who Is Jesus – The Least and the Last

It’s no miracle to earn your way back to God. It’s no miracle to repeat your life over and over until you’ve reach entitlement. The real miracle is a relationship reconciled across an impossible divide.

Who Is Jesus – The Least and the Last

We might do well to ignore categories—all the categories that keep people in and keep people out. But Jesus went further. He didn’t ignore categories, he went through the categories and dignified everyone we try to classify. Why?

Who Is Jesus – The Low Down

Saving the world won’t look like conquering the world or homogenizing the world or debating the world or ignoring the world. Saving the world will look like serving the world.

Who Is Jesus – He’s Just So Weird

Whatever you believe about him or what he claimed, you have to notice how odd his life and death were when compared to the founders of every other world religion. Islam, Buddhism, Scientology, Taoism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism…all catalyzed by unique people, … Read more

Prayer/Life – “Move!”

I don’t want to pray like a good little boy. I want prayers that make me nervous. I want prayers that, if God says “YES”, can only be explained as an act of God. I’m done believing in a BIG … Read more

Prayer/Life – “Help.”

Through the eyes of grace, every defeat looks like a victory waiting to happen.